Exhibition Overview

Address: Shanghaimart Exhibition Hall


Global Cultural-Travel & Boutique Accommodation Summit Committee


KuaiSu (Shanghai) Cultural Dissemination Co., Ltd


Co-organizers: 50 people of Beautiful-Accommodation·New Economy

Bnbtrip Cultural-Travel Think Tank Advisory Council


Shanghai Changning Culture & Tourism Bureau

National Cultural Public Service System Demonstration Zone in the Yangtze River Delta Region (Project) Member Organization of Cooperation Network

In 2019, the whole industry involves great changes. Pioneers from different enterprises are making cross-industry layout. Challenges are varied, for example, chain operation of brand, merger and acquisition of estates, rural revitalization, diversity of tourist experience requirements and so on, none of them should be ignored. The whole industry is focusing on its future.

After operating deep in the cultural-travel and accommodation industry for four years, Bnbtrip has developed into a platform with global influence and authority. It owns tens of thousands of interpersonal network of high efficiency and also accumulated abundant high-quality data of the related supply chain.

The high-speed development of tourism has undoubtedly led to development of the entire industrial chain, the summit in 2019 determined to reach the top among global service providers. The exhibition will attract related personnel from various businesses, such as hotel, home stay, resort, countryside complex, travel agency, OTA platform, estates, local government Cultural-Travel departments, home stay association, scenic area tourism apartment, Cultural-Travel architecture program and design institutions, domestic and overseas Cultural-Travel institutional investors, assembly-type construction, smart household necessities and accessories, accommodation consumables and related media. This exhibition creates an internationalized and professional platform for visitors to integrate information, cooperate in project resources, trade in products and transform commercial value.

Exhibition Highlights

Investment The current domestic cultural-travel & accommodation industry market has a potential of growth about 6 times to 8 times in the next 5 years. The industry penetration is estimated up to 15% in 2023. Could the next growth point of industry investment be the brand chain investment or rural revitalization and home stay community localized operation or investment in cultural home stay for holiday? The amazing potential has already put the capitalist waiting in the wings. Let us hear the analysis from leaders.

Innovation The society has developed rapidly these years, the most recent wave of techniques and information technology revolution has brought massive impact. High-tech assembly-type building materials, smart household necessaries, newest entertaining construction, integrated building and so on, these industries will enable the ecosphere of the cultural - accommodation industry to grow even bigger. How to bring the technology and the Cultural-Accommodation together and make innovative development in the age of digital network technology remains a question.

Aesthetic The need of shared-accommodation has shifted from economical consumption to a comfortable and medium high-quality consumption. Providing innovate design, personnel serving experience, artist enjoyment of the nature-combining cultural innovation industry.

Exhibition Value


Gather dozens of most influential people in the global industry of cultural-travel and accommodation. Attract a mass of CEO to investigate future market trend, personalized service pattern, creative architectural design, assembly-type architecture of high technology...


Mass of international investment institutions, cultural-travel & accommodation brand groups, the cultural-travel department of governments, important national tourist attractions, OTA platform and travel agencies, all their needs are growing and diversifying. They will also need to exploit new market and look for new brand opportunities and driving force for industrial upgrading.


Domestic and overseas programs trading, government rural revitalization program negotiating and trading, tourist attractions program negotiating and trading, B&B designing and construction program trading,  accommodation industry intelligent machine equipment procurement, accommodation home decoration accessories procurement